Word of Mouth in the 21st Century

Word of Mouth prospects have always been the highest quality referalls for businesses over the centuries. The new word of mouth on the Internet is social networking. All our marketing plans include varying elements of this utilising Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. Whether your potential customers are few and far between or a global audience you can reach them by having an effective social networking strategy. It used to be our clients said "I want to be number 1 in Google" and yes that was fine years ago. Now web users are more savvy and subscribe to channels that they are interested in. Search Engine Optimisation whilst still important is only a part of a total Internet Marketing strategy. Brick consult with our clients and draw up a totally customised plan of action that works just for you. Viral, Social, Guerilla, SEO, Articles, Public Relations, Pay-per-click are all aspects of any serious online marketing plan. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation
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