Hospice & Healthcare Websites

Healthcare Websites. HospiceTechnical features list

  • Allow to make donations and manage all donations in one place
  • Group events by type: Hospice events, Supporter's events, Challenge events, Fundraising Campaigns, etc.
  • Create event pages with custom event application forms, options and prices for each event
  • Manage repeated events easily by providing common page about the event in general and also listing next dates of this even with custom details of each specific date of the event, like monthly event AAA with ability to specify dates of the event for each month and additional details for each date of the event (like custom location, etc)
  • Volunteers application forms (https://­springhill.­org.­uk/­how-to-apply)
  • Limit access to different website sections to different website user types ("For staff members only", ""For trustees only", etc.)  — https://­springhill.­org.­uk/


Springhill Hospice

"The website is one of the simplest she has ever used, the website has made a massive difference to their fundraising and they are very happy with the website."

PendleSide Hospice

"Very happy with the site, easy to use and excellent support. It has made a massive improvement on fundraising. Also very happy with the price of the website."

Woodlands Hospice

"Really happy with the website, it’s really easy to use. We have had good feedback about the website. The system allows us to instantly update events and the lottery results”

East Lancs Hospice

"The fact People can donate online has made a big difference to our donations. The website is easy to find all the information our visitors need. The website is really easy to use and keep updated"