What is Quality Content?

Yes, it’s that broken old record again… Internet Marketing and in particular SEO is anchored with great quality, relevant and authorative content. There has been a lot of hype about link building, creating relevant link backs to your website.

The purest and most fundamental form of link building is to simply create a compelling reason for people to talk about your website, products and then to suggest to readers that they share it with others by linking to it. Take some time to really think about your niche, then research and find relevant websites you would hope to get inbound links from. Next, create content that would be relevant to those website readers and is also applicable to your own audience.

A couple of examples of useful content;

Our client www.­twistfix.­co.­uk sells construction products, so they wrote a story that would help and guide their target audience tips for damp proofing

Our client www.­canal­bo­at­cruises.­co.­uk wrote a story letting people know that volunteers were needed for the Leeds Liverpool Canal

With our Brick website system, this is then instantly published in their own news/blog section and automatically distributed to their social networking pages such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

The more useful and relevant the content is the more chance of a reader finding it helpful and more likely for them to share (like).

Keep your eye out for Google’s new Google +1 coming soon. This will put weight on great authorative and relevant content.

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