What impact will the Internet have on the General election?

Thursday 15th April 2010 will mark a first in British politics, as the three main party leaders will take part in a live televised debate. Britain will be glued to their screens as the public closely watch every movement. This will also be the first General Election to be fought as much on the Internet as on the doorsteps of Britian.

The question is, who will use the Internet to the best effect? Watching political parties attempt to use the Internet to campaign, can sometimes be cringe worthy. Take for instance the Gordon Brown and the now infamous YouTube smile, a spectacular fail.

So why did Gordon Brown decide to create a YouTube video?


The answer? Free publicity. YouTube is viewed by one billion people per day!. Featuring anything from Keyboard playing Cats, to product tutorials and political views.

Some Political parties are even turning to paid advertising. Have you tried searching Labour party on YouTube? The top sponsored ad, is posted by webcamronuk and is called 'Labour have failed.'  This shows that the Conservative Party see the potential of sponsored ads.

Success story

British political parties will look at the successful use of the Interent by American President Barack Obama to focus their campaigns. With experts on hand Barack Obama used the Internet to get the message across and educate none voters.

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