m-Commerce leading the race to customers

m-Commerce leading the race to customers

Smartphones have been confirmed as the primary device used to access the internet, officially and comfortably beating computers. Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, recently published its Communications Market Report 2015, which contained a variety of highly-interesting and enlightening data of great importance to internet marketing.

Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2015 showed:

  • 60% of consumers aged 16-24 use a smartphone as their main web-accessing device, with 31% of those aged 35-54 and 10% of those aged over 55 reporting the same

  • Digital advertising figures in the UK have risen by a full 15%, representing a spend of £7.2bn

  • 39% of the approximate total UK spend on advertising goes on digital services

The rise of smartphones has been meteoric and it has been predicted for some time that they would become the primary device for using the internet. The dynamic between consumers and e-commerce websites is changing along with evolving technology, forcing said brands to become more customer-focused, offering a unique, personalised and efficient online experience every time. Not only do customers now immediately find alternatives to websites they don’t like the look or feel of, they can now also quickly share their bad experience with the world through social media.

Online businesses now have the opportunity to create closer bonds with their customers than they ever have before, whether through social media channels, mobile applications or simple browser-based access. It is possible, with an advanced control and content management system, to finely-tune everything from advertising campaigns to news articles, making everything work in both yours and your customers’ favour for the very best online experience.

Brick technology will smoothly and seamlessly take your e-commerce website into the smartphone age, professionally presenting and representing your services to an ever-growing market of mobile customers. Do not fail to provide the options that ever-more customers are demanding - work with Brick technology to create a bespoke, world-class solution that ticks all the boxes.


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