Web Design for Generation Z

Web Design for Generation Z

Hot on the heels on the millennials comes Generation Z, who spend a massive 10.6 hours a day consuming content across various devices. The figure was published by Adobe as part of a recent report into the content-consumption habits of UK citizens.

1,000 UK consumers were polled for Adobe's new report. Here are the key findings:

  • UK millennials spend 8.5 hours a day consuming online content
  • The UK average for content-consumption is 6.9 hours a day
  • The most popular way to experience content is via a mobile phone: millennials spend an average of 5.2 hours a day using a smartphone, rising to 5.9 hours for members of Generation Z
  • 54% of respondents said they often used multiple devices simultaneously, with 1.8 devices being the average
  • With the rising amount of 'fake news' and clickbait, 77% of Brits are more cautious of the content they share with friends
  • 46% said that well-executed content inspires them to make a purchase
  • 21% said that well-executed content would encourage them to subscribe to an email database
  • 49% said that badly-written content is an issue, with 71% of people saying that such content would prevent them from making a purchase

John Watton is the Senior Marketing Director for Adobe EMEA. Commenting on the findings of the new report, he said, “Whether it’s across social, online, blogs, or email communications, branded content has to be well-designed, optimised for the device, and offer a genuine experience that goes beyond selling products. Brands that succeed will drive customer acquisition and loyalty; those that don’t will see customers swipe their screen in search for content that offers them a better experience.”

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