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A growing number of companies are realising that their old website simply isn’t up to the challenge of the new, more discerning online customer market. Rather than fall behind, these companies are investing in mobile-friendly websites to encourage online customers to browse and purchase their products and services using whichever device, or combination of devices, they prefer. One of these companies is HECAS, who recently chose the Brick technology web development company to create their brand new website, which has now launched.

HECAS is a specialist supplier of a wide range of heating equipment, including boiler spares, controls and ancillaries along with tools, mechanical equipment, water pressure maintenance systems and a host of accessories. The company owns and  maintains three premises across the north west of England and can quickly deliver products from its website throughout the whole of the UK. With a proud reputation built on their fantastic combination of high-quality products with impeccable customer service, HECAS continue to grow and develop, with the new website representing the latest phase of their evolution.

With a massive number of products on offer, HECAS demand precision control over their stock portfolio, a demand which is easily met by the innovative, custom-built Brickweb Control Centre; staff can quickly add, remove or edit products and prices, changes which are instantly made live on the responsive and adaptive website. The unique Brick technology Content Management System, exclusively designed, built and maintained by our core team, makes keeping content fresh as simple as it is powerful, allowing for news articles, promo codes and social media updates to be quickly added to the site.

The number of mobile-internet users now exceeds that of desktop users, a fact that means at least 50% of customers will demand an optimised smartphone or tablet experience from HECAS. This is not to say that the desktop experience can be allowed to slide - studies show that most users will access a website from a variety of devices before committing to a purchase, meaning that the experience across all devices must be seamless. Brick technology websites are designed to eliminate the need for three versions of the same website by being responsive to the device they are accessed from, adapting the display and functions instantly to suit.

HECAS can now, like all of our clients, receive access to one-to-one meetings with our team, during which past and present performance will be discussed in detail and future plans based on this will be formulated. Our clients also enjoy regular, focused workshops designed to offer access to our wealth of knowledge and experience, further improving their online presence.

We would like to welcome HECAS to Brick technology and look forward to moving the business forward together.

Call Brick technology today on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk to find out how our unmatched web design company can revolutionise your ecommerce website.
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