Web Design and Development - New Year, New Website

2013 is drawing to a close and now is the time to make sure your website is ready for the new year. Technology continues to advance at an exponential rate and internet users are continually becoming more discerning in their choice of website, leaving many companies behind in favour of those who offer a better online experience.

The use of smartphones and tablets as a means of accessing the internet has experienced a meteoric rise since the devices were introduced. As more and more devices are sold, the number of people using them to shop online continues to rise and mobile traffic is now accounting for over 40% of internet use. The implications of this for e-commerce businesses can not be ignored; websites that do not display properly on all devices are quickly being abandoned as internet users become less tolerant of panning and zooming or waiting for extended periods of time. It must be remembered that there is now an entire generation of potential purchasers that can not remember a time when the internet did not exist, which makes clear the need for a contemporary, responsive and adaptive website. Many people will receive a smartphone or tablet as a Christmas gift, opening up new markets and making it the ideal time to freshen up the online presence of your e-commerce business.

The latest evolution of the internet is HTML5, the newest version of the standard language used to construct web pages. Before this year comes to an end, over a billion HTML5-capable devices will have been sold, representing a massive new potential market of customers.

HTML5 allows for multi-platform web design and development. This means that a single batch of code can be utilised across all platforms and devices, reducing the cost of development and maintenance. The code can be stored offline, allowing customers to interact with the company even when they are not connected to the internet e.g. through mobile apps. Faster, smarter and more reliable than its predecessors, HTML5 offers a significantly improved user experience, increasing retention and, ultimately, revenue. Modern custom web design facilities such as wikis, realtime chat, drag-and-drop tools and search front-ends will be much easier to use, further enhancing the website.

Brickweb's expert web design and development team are fully conversant with all aspects of HTML5 and our responsive, adaptive websites make full use of the language in order to fulfil the unique needs of each of our diverse array of e-and m-commerce clients. For more information on how we can revolutionise your e-commerce business in 2014 and to book your free consultation with us, please call us on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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