VR: Add Dimension to YOUR Business...

VR: Add Dimension to YOUR Business...

Just when you thought you had a good handle on reality, along comes Virtual Reality and puts things in a whole new perspective. In fact, VR is really coming BACK around as it has been waiting quietly around for technology to shape up for many years. Find out all about the most unlikely comeback of the century in the first of Five Utterly Virtual Facts about VR.

  1. The first form of virtual reality was in military flight simulators way back in the 1920s. The public got their first taste of it in 1962 with the world’s first VR movie dubbed in glorious sensorama and directed by Morton Heilig. It had another, unsuccessful, appearance in the 90s when clunky headsets, a lack of decent software and over-the-top pricing put it at the top of everyone’s list of things not to buy.

  2. Now that technology is catching up to the idea of VR, it’s all happening fast and it’s soon going to be an integral part of your world. Already, VR technology is being used by surgical students as a study aid, integrated with gloves, sensors and full surround sound directional audio.

  3. Your customers are going to expect VR soon. In exactly the same way that mobile browsing has swiftly become the norm, once website visitors start using VR regularly they're going to want it everywhere. You’ll be able to show off your products and premises like never before, welcoming customers into your virtual 360-degree environment.

  4. Big brand names are investing in VR technology. Around three-quarters of companies on the  Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list are either already offering VR experiences or will be doing very soon.

  5. Brick Web Development Company are already working with the upcoming technology and can help YOUR company get a headstart, offering the future today. Our expert team can fill you in on everything you need to know to begin creating a new online world for your customers.

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