UK Online Advertising Spend Increase

Research into how much on average people spend on UK Online Advertising has found that their total spend has jumped 14% to a new high of £4.8bn in 2011 which is great for the future of internet marketing.

It was video ads which helped to drive growth and online display advertising passing the £1bn barrier for the first time. This is the biggest increase that the industry has seen in five years according to a study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB).

Who was spending the most on online advertising?

In actual fact it was the finance sector which was spending the most on online advertising, followed by consumer goods and then retail. Next in line were entertainment and the media and then technology.

Now 10% of all online display advertising is done through video advertising with the total spend doubled to £109m from £54m in 2010 and has grown since 2008 when the total spend was £12m.

Advertising through mobile devices and particularly through advertisements placed on free mobile apps has risen too by 157% in 2011 to a high of £203m and this is possibly because of the rise in the number of smartphones being purchased.

Currently in Britain a massive 39.7m people go online each month and on average they spend 27% on social networks. Facebook is ideal for online advertising because you can target a specific area as well as specific types of people with certain interests.

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