TwitFace? Brick technology can manage your socials!

Our TwitFace workshop which we held on Thursday 10th November 2011 was a huge success and was heavily enjoyed by all who attended. Socials as part of an internet marketing plan can be a huge success for a business.

There were representatives from various types of businesses and industries but by the end of our workshop, “An Idiots Guide to Facebook and Twitter” they all realised how important socials were and how they could help their business to grow.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the workshop then not to worry as we have attached the PowerPoint presentation to this article for your convenience.

Using socials as a form of marketing and advertising is a relatively new thing; this is taking your business to the next level. It takes a bit of extra time to work on social network sites but, the results which can be achieved will be well worth the time investment.

It is important however that you do not just jump in with social networking! You need to work out a plan whereby your socials will reflect your web design. This means branding them with company logos and ensuring that the news from your website carries across to your socials.

They need to mirror your website and link so that everything remains consistent; email signatures or email templates should feature the links to your social network sites.

Your website should have the icons which link to your social networking sites in their header or footer. Any newsletter templates that you may send out also need to also include the link through to your social networking sites.

Finally items such as business cards, posters and other offline publications should also feature “Find us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” to show that you are present on these.

Maintaining social network sites and running them in line with your website isn’t always easy. It does take time and this is something which many people and clients of Brick technology have problems with. They physically do not have the time to be updating and maintain socials but, fear not! Brick technology can now offer management of your internet marketing and social networks.

You should speak to us today and see what it is we can do for you. For more information then please contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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