Twit or Tweeter? Is it all too much?

We have all been there at that social event where there is just that one person that you want to get away from.

The same situation seems to be recreating itself online too, some tweeters manage to grab my attention and I engage however there is a problem. This problem arises when they go and blummin overdo it with constant tweets about nonesense, which can only be described as stupidity!

It is all very well this stupidity if they are your real friend or maybe even someone you consider to be a hero to yourself. But sometimes, it has to be said that it just all gets too much. Filling the screen with nonesense and such stupidity blocks out the other nice people/­companies interesting tweets who I'm following.

It is the situation you find yourself in at social events, when that one person just becomes so overwhelmingly boring. However this is happening online and how or rather what is the correct way of nettiquette? How do we politely let them know that to be honest they are being stupid and causing such annoyance.

Should we just unfollow? I mean what do you do?

More to the point are we actually becomming these people who people are becomming annoyed with? what is the correct amounts acceptable that someone should tweet in say a day? a week?

We need a solution and a nice way of saying " We'd like you, but in all fairness you're just doing my head in!?"

Is Twitter running the risk of becomming too spammy or indeed has it already become spammy. A comment that most people have made is that oh well you don't have to follow but this is where the dissapointment comes. After all we've all met similar people in life they're really nice but they just go on and on and on a little bit too much.

The funny thing is maybe right now I am doing it too...

Brick technology welcomes your answers on a postcard please!

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