Traffic Increase will Benefit e-business

A number of businesses choose to make themselves known online whether this be through an e-commerce website where people can purchase products and services or whether it is just putting their name or brand out there through a simple brochure style website.

Whatever web design you choose, an interesting finding has been made! By 2015 the amount of Global online traffic will increase four times because of a number of gadgets which link to the internet has reached 15 billion.

Furthermore by in just four years time more than three billion people will be using the internet which is more than 40% of the world’s total population! This increase in traffic is proving extremely exciting as many people now turn to devices like smart phones, iPad, tablets and many more the original 97% of traffic that was generated by computers alone will drop to 87% because of the other devices.

Online video traffic, inclusive of data rich 3-D and high definition transmissions will be around fourteen times better in 2015 when compared to last year. Brick technology has their very own YouTube Channel which allows for us to easily share our video productions as well as the video productions of many of our clients.  

Online video traffic, including data rich 3-D and high-definition transmissions, has been projected to be 14 times greater in 2015 compared to last year with mobile traffic increasing around 26 times in the same period.

With all these people turning to the internet now has never been a better time to introduce your company, business or brand online.

With Brick technology getting a website has never been so simple, are you a large company or a company who has a need for a number of websites?

Our bespoke services here offer to you exactly what you want. We take the time to sit down with our clients and get to know their businesses, what they want to achieve and other important factors before we begin creating their web design.

If you want a large project, on time, extremely high in quality, jam packed full of easy to use features as well as on a set budget then book a consultation with us today.

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