The Three Little Websites

The Three Little Websites

The fairy tales we tell to young children often have a very important moral message to deliver and that message is often just as pertinent for adults as it is for the young ones. Remember the Three Little Pigs? Of course you do.

The story of the Three Little Pigs is one of the most famous fairy tales, and its moral is a pretty simple one: if you use weak materials to create something that’s supposed to be strong, you’re going to end up at the mercy of the big bad wolf. The moral holds true whatever you're talking about, whether it’s a house, a company or a website.

The first little pig uses the weakest material: straw. This is like choosing an off-the-shelf website, which isn't going to be able to stand up to anything much at all. While it may look alright and provide some cover, it’s not going to deliver what you really need and can never stand up to the big bad wolf that is the modern internet user. A quick look will reveal all of the weak points and the straw website will come tumbling down.

So the second little pig learns from this and goes for a better material: sticks. This is like choosing a web design company with little experience, who do not have a custom-built CMS. At first glance, everything looks OK and the modern internet user may be fooled for a short time. But when it comes to security features and that clean, sharp aesthetic, there’s still a lot lacking and it doesn’t take long for this website to be huffed and puffed into oblivion.

And now we come to our third little pig; the brainy one. He builds his website with Brick and the rest is history.

When you choose to work with Brick, you've got the solid foundation of our 20 years’ experience behind you. You’ve got hardworking, intelligent and forward-thinking staff as your mortar. You’ve got the security of our partner companies like Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft keeping you protected. And you’ve got the furnace that is our unique CMS, keeping everything running smoothly and making every aspect of your website hot to the touch.

All of this adds up to one thing: a secure website that not even the biggest baddest wolf can find fault with, no matter how much they might huff and puff. Be like the third little pig: build your website with Brick. Call us today to start making plans…

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