The New Apple iPhone - Driving the Ecommerce Market

The New Apple iPhone - Driving the Ecommerce Market

Technology giant Apple has been reported as ordering an ‘unprecedented amount’ of its latest handset, a move that will further increase the need for ecommerce businesses to maintain a fresh, mobile-friendly website. The Wall Street Journal said that Apple would be launching the iPhone 6s with at least 85m and possibly 90m units, a large and significant leap from the respective 70m and 80m units ordered for the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In Q1 of this year, Apple sold 74m iPhones, followed by further sales of 61m in the next quarter - this represents an average increase of 20m each quarter compared to 2014. These statistics show that the iPhone is experiencing the largest upwards trend in its history.

There appears to be some uncertainty whether the 6s will actually be the iPhone 7, though past data suggests that the 6s version is more likely - Apple has released an ‘S’ version of each model since the iPhone 3G in 2009. Uniquely this time, both the iPhone 6 and the Plus version will be upgraded, resulting in an “S” version of the popular Plus model.

Although there is currently no official launch date, Apple’s recent pattern of launching new iPhone models on the 2nd Tuesday of September each year is tipped to hold steady, meaning that the launch date of the iPhone 6s will be the 8th September 2015. The handset is expected to be available in the UK just ten days later.

As accessing products and services via the mobile internet, through both native and web applications, is already an integral part of daily life, the launch of the new iPhone 6s will further drive businesses to make their web presence felt. Mobile web users become ever more discerning and it is essential that you are in control of how your business is represented online.

By working closely with our core team, you can experience the smooth functionality and unrivalled modernity of our mobile applications and websites. Brick technology utilise the latest methods and technology to ensure you stand out in the crowded online marketplace, which continues to grow busier as technology like the iPhone 6s is developed and launched.
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