The More Things Change....

The More Things Change....

Change always feels a bit weird. Exhilarating but also really scary and more than a touch awkward. Try writing with your ‘wrong’ hand for a few lines and you’ll get that feeling right now! Even something as simple as that feels very odd and you’ll soon have the pen back where it belongs, in the comfort zone. This golden area might be ok when it comes to which hand you write with, but in other matters the comfort zone is the last place you want to be…

Seeing as we’re right here, let’s take our own company as a prime example. Brick made its first moves as a company more than 20 years ago and that in itself meant major change for the founding members. The internet was a new thing and nobody could predict exactly where it was going to lead. Comfort zone? Not likely.

Of course, the internet exploded in size almost immediately, changing from moment to moment and spawning multi-billion dollar businesses in a very short space of time. Hello Google, Amazon, eBay and the rest. Ecommerce became a real thing, so did cybercrime. We used PCs in the office and boasted about the 30 GB hard drive, something that seems almost laughable now; but at the time we had the latest, best technology on our desks.

For every successful online enterprise there have been a hundred failures, including many companies trying to do the same thing as us, namely to create and maintain top-of-the-range, world-class websites for our clients. We have evolved, grown and changed with the internet, allowing us to maintain a consistent lead on competitors as we combine raw skill and intelligence with an organic, living knowledge base.

And now comes the twist… although we, and the internet, have been constantly changing and growing together, in a very real way nothing has changed at all. To this day, nobody can yet predict accurately where the internet is heading; it keeps breaking new records. It’s still exploding in size, with millions of pages added each day. Online enterprises continue to be created, most to fail but some go on growing.

The sameness continues.. Ecommerce is still a very real thing, so is cyber crime. We still have the latest, best technology on our desks, though now of course a thousand times more powerful. And, most importantly, we continue to provide world-class websites to our clients and stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re with Brick, you are also one step ahead of the competition. And believe us, it’s fierce. Comfort Zone? Not likely.

Call Maria today and get ready for a possibly uncomfortable, probably scary but definitely brave and breathtaking ride into the unknown.

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