The Importance of Having a Professional Website

Brick technology web design in Blackburn, Lancashire are always surprised by businesses who simply do not realise how important it is to have a professional web design which reflects their company branding, colours and ethos.

Professional web design can be the difference between getting items such as conversions, low bounce rates and visibility on the search engines and not getting any traffic to your site whatsoever.

Many other web design companies are able to offer what seems like the whole package in regards to web design. Unfortunately this is not always the case when they charge you for extras like internet marketing, media production and support.

At Brick technology we have a 24/7 support system in place; within your control centre you simply have to launch a support ticket and this will go direct to our technical team who will process your request and then notify you via email when your request has been completed.

If you have an emergency regarding your website then we have an emergency support request system in place. We understand how important online business is and thus we have the various stepping stones in place to help you be a success.

We offer a whole range of web designs from:

For more information please contact Brick technology web design, Lancashire on 01254 277190 or email

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