The Great Mobile Data Collapse

The Great Mobile Data Collapse

Mobile operator O2 is seeking millions of pounds in damages from its supplier Ericsson, following the recent day-long network data collapse. It is estimated that the total bill could be in the region of £100m, highlighting the massive importance of mobile data to and in today's society.

The glitch, which was blamed by Ericsson on 'expired software certification', meant that O2 smartphone owners were unable to use their mobile phone data for a period of around 24 hours. Apologies have been issued from both companies, with O2 setting out plans on how customers will be compensated.

These plans involve refunding the cost of two days' service to monthly subscribers, which should be completed before the end of January. Pay As You Go subscribers will receive 10% extra credit on their first top up in 2019 or can save 10% on buying data for mobile broadband devices.

O2 is one of the largest mobile networks, with over 25 million users. It also provides key services to 7 million users of other mobile networks including Sky, Giffgaff, Tesco and Lycamobile. Many businesses were affected by the issue, being unable to take EPOS payments.

Mark Evans is the UK Chief Executive of Telefonica, which owns O2. In an interview with the BBC, Mr Evans said, "What we will now do is a full audit, a thorough audit, across both organisations to ensure whatever steps can be taken will be taken to provide the continuous service that our customers expect and deserve.

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