The Brick Benefits!

The Brick Benefits!

The fashion and textile industry has always proved to be an extremely resilient industry, bouncing back from previous economic downfalls. Now is definitely the time for everyone to work closely together to support and sustain one another’s businesses to help maintain the industry.

#TeamBrick understand that under the current circumstances running a merchandising business, or any business, can be difficult and exceptionally stressful as the uncertainty grows across the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves on the care we provide for our clients, both old and new which is why the team at Brick have developed a Cloud Portal designed to make the running of your business simpler and cheaper to run. The Brick Factory has been created to reduce stress for merchandise producers who specialise in Design to Garment (DTG), Print on Demand (POD), Screen Printing and Embroidery.

Mind your own business by being able to run your entire factory and channel sales in real time from your phone, tablet or desktop, in or out of the office or factory, from one easy to navigate and secure control centre. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure your workflow is streamlined to reduce the stress placed on not only your business but yourself and employees.

It’s also a key time to target the world of e-commerce whilst people are stuck at home. The Brick Factory allows customers to easily personalise products that are sent directly to your printing machine and allows for the integration with garment and product suppliers databases. As well as being able to link to customer’s stores and apps at Shopify, Etsy, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Amazon, Ebay and even unique stores!

There are so many benefits to using the Brick Factory that it’d be impossible to list them all, which is why we have a page dedicated to the asset that is the Brick Factory.

It’s time for all businesses to work together to secure a certain future and if we at Brick can make the entire system easier and less stressful for you that’s all we can ask for!

If you’re interested in the Brick Factory or any other services we offer, contact the team today! It’s still business as usual for the Brick team and our 24/7 services are still available to all clients.

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