Technology is Changing Lives!

Brick technology Web Design Company thought that we would show the real power of technology and how it is changing our lives completely. We present to you our top ten list of items and daily tasks which have been killed off by technology.

Digital advancements and brand new technology are as mentioned above completely changing the way in which we carry out daily tasks and even our daily routines. Many people on a worldwide scale are now opting to replace many traditional ways of life with a digital method.

Whilst this is all very exciting what happens when these technologies fail on us?

Most shockingly one in five people reveal that at any one time they are NEVER ever out of reach from an internet enabled device. On average a British person has over four computing devices within their home.

Without realising it we heavily rely on technology just to get us through the day. Many of us, well around 75% believe that our technology saves us at least 2 hours per week whilst six in ten people believe their lives are actually enriched by new technology.

Here are our top ten items and tasks which people claim they no longer have to do thanks to technology:

  1. Ring the cinema to find out the film times, they have mobile apps and can also check them online for their specific cinema.
  2. Physically go into the travel agents to book a holiday, cheaper deals are found online and it is so easy to book.
  3. Check a map before or during a car journey, many people now have a Sat Nav device or one which is built into their mobile device.
  4. Purchase Car Tax online, it can now be done quick and easy online without any hassle you just simply type in your document numbers.
  5. Send in films for developing, many people now own a digital camera where photos can be viewed and appropriate ones selected and printed instantly.
  6. Remember phone numbers/own a phone book, due to the rise in the number of people who own a mobile phone or a device which holds contact details all people now have to do is select the person and click to ring or text them.
  7. Pen friends, the number of people who have a pen friend has decreased as many of them take to social networks and mobile devices in order to communicate with them it is much easier and quicker to keep in contact with them in this way.
  8. Purchase a CD, although some people still like to have a hard copy of a CD many people are choosing to purchase songs and albums online and have them as a mp3 file on their computers and other devices.
  9. Homework, many children who are at school no longer have to handwrite their homework. They do it online and electronically and can submit it internally to their teacher using pre-set programmes.
  10. Banking, people do no longer have to physically go into a bank to carry out their banking tasks. Instead many are choosing to bank online and this is really easy to do. Printed bills are a thing of the past and many companies now charge for printed bills as they would rather you go online.

Let us know about tasks which you now complete relying on technology which you wouldn’t have previously. Maybe you will be surprised just how much you rely on technology when you actually stop and think about times in your day when you use it.

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