Support Safer Internet Day 2015 #SID2015

While the internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of our time, allowing us to accomplish a seemingly infinite array of tasks, it can also be fraught with hidden dangers. This is particularly true for young people, of whom millions now have regular access to the internet via desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Social media sites have allowed the current young generation to connect with the world in a completely new and uncharted way. Despite warnings, many young people choose to openly live their lives on Facebook or Twitter through photos, messages and video updates. Several campaigns have been launched to help young people stay safe and make informed decisions about how they use the internet; perhaps the most successful of these is Safer Internet Day, which is observed around the world.

This year, Safer Internet Day (SID) will take place on February 10th with the theme ‘Let’s Create a Better Internet Together’. Over the years, SID has focused on such topics as social networks and cyber-bullying and is now a regular feature of the online community’s calendar in more than 100 countries on every continent of the globe.

A massive Facebook and Twitter campaign has been launched to promote SID 2015 and thousands of young people, teachers, caregivers, parents and more will be taking part in organised events, workshops and debates around the world, all with a focus on protecting children from harmful online conduct or content.

Safety and security online is an essential part of our work. Safer Internet Day is a fantastic way to bring attention to this aspect of our digital agency, as we believe that the internet can sometimes be a daunting arena for adults as well as young people.

Brick technology, wholeheartedly support the SID 2105  campaign and urge you to add your support too - visit www.­safer­in­ter­netday.­org and use #SID2015 for social media.

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