Revolutionising E-Commerce!

Revolutionising E-Commerce!

The Brick Factory's Impact on the Custom Printing Boom

While many industries struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, the e-commerce sector experienced explosive growth. A shining star in this digital renaissance has been the custom-printing industry, which skyrocketed to a global market value of around £4 billion by the close of 2021.

While the e-commerce surge has somewhat stabilised, the print-on-demand market continues to defy expectations, maintaining its steep upward trajectory. The impressive £4 billion market valuation is expected to swell dramatically, with Straits Research predicting an astonishing 26% year-on-year CAGR. By the end of the decade, the global print-on-demand market is projected to hit an unprecedented £32.4 billion.

Amid this booming market, companies offering custom print services are proliferating. However, leading the charge in business automation with its unique features is The Brick Factory by Brickweb. This innovative tool, with its [specific unique features], has become indispensable for managing merchandising factories efficiently and profitably.

Launched in the UK, The Brick Factory quickly garnered international attention. Among the early adopters is Texprint, a Swedish company nestled in the ancient forests of Småland. Since 2009, Texprint, a family-run business, has built a sterling reputation for quality and meticulous control over its operations. Their decision to adopt The Brick Factory has not only further cemented their standing but also [specific success story or benefits they have experienced].

The print-on-demand industry is inherently sustainable, producing clothing to order and conserving resources. Texprint takes this a step further by sourcing garments from environmentally conscious suppliers like Stanley/Stella. As an approved distributor, Texprint ensures its products meet stringent standards set by organizations such as the Global Organic Textile Standard, OEKO-TEX®, and the Fair Wear Foundation. The Brick Factory, as a part of this sustainable ecosystem, [specific sustainability features or benefits of The Brick Factory].

Texprint's commitment to sustainability is matched by its use of advanced Kornit printers. These printers deliver exceptional quality, feature water-saving systems, and use eco-friendly NeoPigment™ inks. This non-toxic, biodegradable ink helps Texprint maintain its eco-friendly ethos, free from harmful chemicals.

Brickweb is proud to support Texprint and a growing roster of global clients with The Brick Factory. As demand for print-on-demand services soars, our client base expands, showcasing the transformative power of our turnkey solution.

If you're interested in the dynamic and rapidly expanding print-on-demand sector or if you're an established player looking to streamline and enhance your services, now is the perfect time to explore The Brick Factory. Visit our website for detailed information, read our dedicated blog, and check out our clients' websites.

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