Retail, eCommerce & COVID-19: Your New Strategy Starts HERE...

Retail, eCommerce & COVID-19: Your New Strategy Starts HERE...

A new study carried out by Kantar, the world's leading data and consulting company, suggests that the global outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown will have a 'dramatic long-term impact' on the shopping habits of consumers, 'speeding up the shift to online retail'.

The study incorporated a survey of 3,162 consumers aged from 16 to 64 years old, all of whom live and/or work in one of the three biggest online retail markets in Europe (France, Germany and the UK). Results showed that the number of people making 50% or more of their total purchases online had grown by as much as 80% since coronavirus developed.

Though a significant proportion of these purchases were for essential items such as groceries, the Kantar survey also found that a massive 80% of respondents intended to return to online shopping for non-essentials later in the year. Kantar concluded that retailers now have an opportunity to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis by 'moving to a more eCommerce-focused model'.

Commenting on the survey results, Joakim Gavelin (the founder of product visibility company Detail Online), said: "Right now, there’s a huge potential for brand owners to increase online sales in 2020. This report tells us that the change in consumer behaviour that many expected to take three to four years is instead happening in a few months. To be a winner in this you need to have as good control of your products online as you would at a physical retailer.”

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