Parents and Technology?

Are you a younger member of your family who is being stretched to your limits because you were brought up around technology and computers but your parents weren’t and they constantly ask you if you have got one minute? Can you come and show me how to..?

It is fair to say that whatever technological question they ask would probably take you a minute to do but in reality their minute turns into five and then into ten and before you know it you have been sat there for a hour and your ready to pull your hair out!

Simple tasks such as uploading those pictures from Christmas dinner, sending an email and even changing their desktop background become a huge problem for them. However there is now a solution to their pestering.

One again Google has saved the day! They have launched Teac­hPa­rent­sTech.­org a package which is a tech support and ultimately can equip you for the battle of teaching mum and dad those computer basics that cause so many problems.

On Teac­hPa­rent­sTech.­org there are selections of videos which highlight a topic and then break it down into simple step by step instructions. Through these basic instructions they effectively try and explain as simply as possible so that hopefully mum and dad might understand.

Through this brilliant package which is going to help minimise those family arguments this Christmas you can even send them directly to a specific video if you think they are getting stuck with something. Alongside the link to the video you can send a message – obviously the content totally up to yourself although we would suggest you are not too hard on them as they are getting old and it takes that little bit longer to sink in.

So don’t stress out when it comes to teaching mum and dad how to be computer literate use Teac­hPa­rent­sTech.­org! Then you can sit back and relax well unless they ask you how to get onto the videos!

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