News or Blog? YOU Decide

News or Blog? YOU Decide

The difference between an article and a blog post is not fully defined as there is a large amount of overlap in the two definitions. It is something that Brick are going to be exploring in the near future as we establish the Brick Blog, which will be available to read very soon…

The third-person is usually preferred in the writing of news articles and all sources of information are checked, with quotations from the people involved in the actual story used wherever available. Articles do not always have to be objectively written and many exist to call the reader to action, change their opinion or offer them a new perspective.

News articles should, by definition, contain information about new things that are happening. When people are looking for news, they want the facts about the story, all of the information that is necessary to understand it. They want a straight reporting of the news as it is, without any unnecessary embellishments. A news article is therefore usually quite formal in style, with a clear beginning, middle and concluding part.

Many websites maintain both blog and news sections. It provides more scope for adding fresh and dynamic content which can help you to succeed in achieving higher search engine ratings and attracts a broader cross section of visitor.

Brick will be introducing the new blog soon and visitors to the website are invited to subscribe.


Blogs, Articles. There’s a difference but there’s lots the same too. If, like me, you aren’t totally sure which bits are which, then lets explore it together as we dive headfirst into our brand new blog! It’s coming soon and I can hardly write! I mean hardly WAIT!

So, the first clear difference is that we’ve shifted to first-person. Hello! I can talk more directly to you, in a more conversational and casual way and not so much like a newsreader. Blog posts are usually shorter and snappier than articles but can still contain news, along with a little opinion if necessary. That’s what I think anyway.

Another thing: blogs are ace for getting a fresh set of readers involved in your company, which puts you higher on Google. I mean, on search engines. Because there are apparently others. But that might be just a rumour. You’ll have to google it and find out for yourself.

Brick Blog. Coming Soon. You’re Invited.

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