Mum and Gran are on Facebook!

Social media: it used to be something for the kids which parents never got involved in never mind grandparents but now more families are using Facebook in order to stay in touch but it is across a number of generations but what effect does this have on the family unit?

Most recently 1,000 mums and their children were questioned in order to see how social media has penetrated their family life and how it has affected their mother and child relationships. According to the questionnaire more families now have three generations on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.

From those who were questioned more than 75% of mums said that they would accept a friend request from their child but just 43% if children said they would do the same. What is interesting is that twice as many children and mums – 18 to 19% said they would have to hide some photos or other information before taking the plunge and accepting a request.

It would seem that teenagers are shyer about broadcasting their family connections via social media and nearly twice as many mums as children, 29% to 16% said that they would use public messages to communicate with family members.

Teenagers would much rather use private messages than public comments and this shows too in the figures in that 39% of teenagers would private message compared with 31% of mums.

What is worrying slightly for parents is that 66% of the teenagers would hide things from their mums on social media sites but only 34% of mums would hide things on their social network from their teenage children.

Brick technology would like to know your experiences of having family members on your social networking sites. Have you got yourself into trouble through the social media? How many generations of your family are on there and if you won’t accept your family members what are your reasons?

Leave your comments below in our social media comment box; we are looking forward to hearing your stories and comments on the topic of family members on your social networks.

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