Mobile Websites - The Facts. The Figures. The Future.

179.7million smartphones sold worldwide in third quarter of 2012 - a rise of 45.3% from the same period in 2011.

2billion+ smartphone users worldwide

7billion+ mobile devices with internet capability at the end of 2012.

10billion+ mobile devices with internet capability by 2016 - 1.4 devices per capita.

597 petabytes of mobile data traffic sent and received in 2012.

133% rise in mobile traffic in 2012 - more than doubling the amount for the fourth consecutive year.

17% of all online products and services bought via mobile internet in 2012 - predicted to rise to 40% during 2013.

48% of UK businesses plan to unveil a mobile website during 2013.

These facts and figures speak for themselves, clearly highlighting the importance of creating and maintaining mobile websites that are specifically-designed for and thus completely compatible with internet-capable mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Brickweb are expert mobile website designers and provide a comprehensive service from custom web design right through to a secure, mobile-optimised checkout. M-commerce is essential, exciting and will continue to rise in popularity, eventually dominating the market.

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