Internet Marketing - Bill Gates on Twitter

Microsoft’s founder and the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, has just joined Twitter. You can start following him at @BillGates.

Bill Gates is already rapidly growing in followers (it only took a few minutes for him to jump from 400 to 4000 followers).He isn’t the first high-profile tech figure to join Twitter. Recently Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined the service. The fact that Bill Gates has joined Twitter may re-ignite interest in the social tool.

Recently, celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Miley Cyrus have left Twitter prompting critics to suggest that Twitter had peaked. However, with the World's richest man joining the service interest may begin to grow again. It will be interesting to see how the founder of Microsoft will use the tool.

Twitter for your business

Twitter can be used to interact with potential customers, suppliers and organisations. It is true that Twitter is not for everybody, however, you may be suprised how it can benefit your business.

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