Ignore Linford’s Lunchbox look at Colin’s Cereal Box!

Never mind all this talk of I’m a celebrity get me out of here and Linford Christie’s lunchbox!

Managing Director, Colin Clarke swapped his place at the office of Brick Technology, Blackburn to take his place behind the TV screen of ITV – or rather behind a cereal box! Cornflakes anyone?

He took part in All star Family Fortunes presented by Vernon Kay, a quiz show where, famous celebrities team up with their family relatives as a team and try to guess the correct and most high scoring answers to surveys of 100 people in order to win money for a chosen charity. Questions like, “What would you not eat before going on a date?” popular answers like Garlic and other answers score points for the team.

Colin joined the Thomson family team due to his relation with John Thomson former Cold Feet and Coronation Street actor. They battled against the Whittle Family, who was led by Ricky Whittle the ex-Hollyoaks star and a bit of eye candy for us females!

However, for once all eyes weren’t on him this time! The idea was that the various family members of the celebrity were shown and audiences had to guess who the star was. Colin appeared behind the stand only to step out and reveal he had nothing on - but a cereal box to cover his most private regions!

Shock! As I was watching this, it took me a few minutes to realise where I recognised this particular man from until I realised that this was my new managing director! The Thomson family battled it out with the Whittle family in order to try and win up to £30,000 for their chosen charities.

Unfortunately, the Thomson family were beaten their score of 194 was no match for that of the Whittle family who managed to win and steal, 348 points.

Ricky Whittle went on to play the big money round with his aunt Christine however; she scored a huge 180 points leaving Ricky to get 20 points. But nerves got the better of him and he scored no points for any of the 5 questions that he had to answer.

Millions of viewers watched the programme on Sunday 28th November, and despite Ricky scoring no points their score of 215 meant that they won £10,000 for their charity, Alder Hey hospital.

However, we want to wish Colin all the best for him taking part within the show which ultimately was for charity. So good on you Colin – nice to see you doing your bit for charity and you have our full support at the Brick Technology office.

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