I Know Where Mine is, Where's Yours?

Greater Manchester Police are fronting a scheme which could see a decline in the total number of mobile phone thefts which occur in the UK every single year. Currently the figure stands at 14,000 every year in the Manchester area alone!

However, most recently a thief was taken by surprise when he was caught red handed after stealing a university student’s £500 Apple iPhone. James a student at a Manchester university had his iPhone stolen. Quick thinking James simply logged into software which easily tracked the location of his phone.

He had previously downloaded a mobile app which used GPS technology so that a phone or any mobile device with the app installed could be located and tracked down. Many of these “Find my phone” apps are free to download yet they provide such precise global positioning. Some of these apps even go as far as if you are within earshot of the device a loud ringing device can be activated and so you can find where you left it or who the thief is!

Further to this you can leave a remote message on the screen telling the person to contact you. James was lucky in that this app helped the police to recover his stolen iPhone and thus the thief was taken by complete shock travelling on a bus on Upper Brook Street close to Manchester City Centre. Since then the thief has been handed a suspended prison sentence and James got a Chief Constable’s commendation for his quick thinking as well as his iPhone back!

Police all over are now encouraging people to take advantage of this software and software alike which would help victims to be reunited with their stolen mobile devices. Not only can they track your phone but you can use the app to remove any information and shut the phone down completely.

The GPS tools for many mobile devices have been branded by Police as not only a prevention tool but also an enforcement tool which they can use to help bring criminals to justice.

Brick technology web design in Lancashire have a number of our staff team who own mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Blackberrys amongst other mobile devices and already they have taken it on themselves to download the appropriate mobile app.

We know where our mobile devices are but do you know where yours are?

Maybe you already have the software installed, why not leave your thoughts in the comment box below and let others know which ones you recommend. You can follow the Greater Manchester Police on Twitter @gmpolice as part of their social media strategy but remember to follow @brickweb too!

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