Google Opens First Ever Store!

An exciting event has occurred! Google has set up its first shop featuring a pop-up Chromebook store. This has been situated within a London branch of Currs and PC World.

It is the first physical shop and offers to customers the “Chromezone” a shop within the branch the above mentioned stores. Now Google have set this up in order to trial a new way of selling its own Chromebook laptops which are a popular choice for many.

A popular choice the Chromebook laptops run on Google’s own operating systems. The only problem is that they rely heavily on having an internet connection for the various functions and features to actually work.

Google are hoping that with introducing the Chromebook into a store it will make it real life for customers. Previously the Chromebook was only available online and so customers could touch and feel the product before purchasing.

Trailing the idea can do no harm and even Samsung questioned Google about the original strategy of selling Chromebooks online. It seems that Google have taken note and their launch was pretty low key.

They have plans to possibly open more retail outlets if this trail works out; for now though customers can get their hands on specially trained Chromebook experts offering guidance and advice to shoppers.

Already the customer response has been a positive one so who knows what the future could hold for Google and the possibility of more stores arriving into the retail industry.  

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