Google Changes Will You Disappear?

Many of our web design clients are often astounded when after being carefully positioned in the number one spot for a keyword or phrase for some time they suddenly drop positioning. Although this can be down to a number of reasons usually a dramatic drop such as this is because of Google Algorithm changes.

The majority of these Algorithm changes many will not recognise because web design companies such as Brick technology will keep up with the changes and ensure our clients websites are adapted so that they are accepted by Google.

Most recently Google announced its Caffeine 2.0 Update and this was so that the search engine would deliver more up to date and relevant search results to the searcher which was fresh, recent or even items such as hot topics and breaking news.

Google have announced these changes and have said that it is going to have an impact on around 35% of web searches. The Caffeine update or Google Fresh as it is also being named has helped Google to index content on websites more quickly. This means however that now has never been a better time to keep your website up to date with latest news, content and updating your products.

In addition to their Google Caffeine 2.0 update they also brought out their Panda update with the idea that low quality sites and content farms would decrease in their rankings. Higher quality sites would be situated near the top of the search results and there were reports that news websites along with social networking sites were ranking highly whilst sites containing lots of advertising were disappearing.

Google are now understanding that the most relevant search results are mostly what is happening right at this very minute!

Clients need to understand that for their website to rank it needs to be updated on a daily basis with fresh, unique and engaging content. Brick technology can help you stay ahead of Google Algorithm changes through our internet marketing team; come and discuss your options today.

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