Get your FREE Website Audit Report!

Get your FREE Website Audit Report!

The search engine is the first port of call for internet users who are looking for a specific product or service. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the method by which your website can achieve high placement in search results and Brick Technology specialise in helping our clients to get to those crucial top spots.

So, how can you find out what your current SEO rankings are and how can you improve them? It's simple, fast and free when you request a detailed audit report from Brick. The report will give you lots of information about SEO and technical issues, as well as details of how to solve them and improve your site ranking, increase website traffic and enhance conversion rates.

Your free SEO will report will be with you in just a few minutes after ordering and will include:

  • Ranking details for two chosen keywords
  • Details of competitor rankings
  • Information about your search market share
  • Social media popularity ranking
  • Details of SEO factors that have an influence on your site visibility
  • Information on how to improve SEO issues
  • Technical and site usability issues and how to fix them
  • Compliance with Google requirements based on the most recent algorithms

We have created a video that explains the SEO audit process in more detail and you can find this on our website. Get your FREE audit now...!

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