Free SEO Report: Get YOURS Today!

Free SEO Report: Get YOURS Today!

Everyone has heard the saying that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. While that may be true, there IS such a thing as a free SEO report! And right here is the place to get it. So while you enjoy your lunch, why not receive and read YOUR free report that is full of helpful information about your website?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential aspect of website development and ensures that your website gets noticed among the multitude. Our report has been designed to highlight all of the important details concerning SEO and will show you where the issues are; we can then show you exactly how to fix them. Your personalised report, with you in minutes, will inform you all about:

Search Engine Ranking

Shows exactly where you are currently on the major search engines, in relation to the different keywords that you specify.


How many visitors is your site receiving and where do they originate? You will find out in your report, as well as discovering details about visitor behaviour.

Social Media

Integration with social media is now an essential part of running a successful website.  Our report shows you your popularity on the main channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Factors

Many factors influence the visibility of your site on search engines and we will show you exactly what those factors are and how to improve them.


The usability of your site is particularly important. Usability issues are the reason for a large proportion of abandoned transactions and our report will show you if your site makes the grade.

Technical Issues

As well as issues that affect your visitors, your website may cause problems for you behin
sod the scenes. Can’t work out what they are? Our report will fill you in.

Compliance with Google Requirements

Google is the search engine giant and complying with its many requirements is a complex aspect of website design. We will check how well you’re doing to help you get further up in their ranking system.

Getting your report is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is let us know the URL of your website, specify the keywords you want it optimised for and submit the information to us. Your report will come quickly back to you and we can start working together on solving any issues, improving your site traffic and raising your profile on search engines. 

Contact us to get your FREE SEO Audit report, with compliments of Brick Web Development Company.

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