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The sheer size of the internet is by itself enough to make it the most competitive marketplace there is or has ever been. Couple that with its constant, exponential growth and its dynamic, rapidly-changing nature and the issues can seem to become insurmountable. It's crucial to understand how your website is performing amongst this fierce competition but even that can be a minefield.
There are many factors that determine the overall performance of a website and it is no easy task to make sense of these many metrics even individually, let alone as a unified whole. If you're starting to feel swamped then you're in the right place because we are offering you a clear, jargon-free report on the state of your current website, paying particular attention to four of the most important factors.

  1. SEO. Search Engine Optimisation remains one of the most critical aspects of operating a successful e-commerce website. Modern SEO algorithms are intensely complex and every detail must be closely scrutinised to understand how search engines are ranking your website. The free website audit from Brickweb will provide you with useful insights into how well your SEO strategy is (or isn't!) working. We'll also show you how to comply with Google's strict requirements based on their most recent algorithms. 
  2. Ranking. The keywords and keyphrases you focus on have profound effects on where your website shows up in a search engine results page. When you request your report, we'll ask you for two of these keywords or keyphrases and show you how you are ranking on them at the current time. We'll also reveal how your closest competitors are ranking for those same phrases.
  3. Usability. With such a massive amount of choice available to them, today's internet users have become extremely demanding. Even the slightest usability issue on a website is enough to make most users go somewhere else and so everything, right down to the smallest detail, has to be 100% usable. We'll check your site for any such issues and let you know how you score on the usability scale.
  4. Social Media. The purchasing journey of modern consumers has many steps, more and more of which are now happening on social media. Our free report will look beyond the confines of your e-commerce website, revealing how popular you are on the major platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Your personalised website report is a mere few clicks away and you really have nothing to lose: the report is free of jargon, obligation and cost. Get yours NOW!

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