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The internet relies hugely on visual imagery for its continuing success and versatility. Modern technology allows images to be presented in high-definition, offering a truly stunning website design that is at once engaging and dynamic. Using superior digital media in web development and e-commerce solutions holds a visitor's attention, drawing them deeper into the site and providing them with clear visual signals and information about the products and services on offer.

Brickweb provide our clients with modern, attractive e-commerce websites that engage customers and are proven to lead to increased traffic and sales. Using state-of-the-art technology coupled with professional expertise, our photography, videography and animation is of impeccable quality and instantly captures a visitor's attention. With fresh, exciting ideas at extremely competitive prices, each solution Brickweb provides is personally bespoke according to the unique needs of each individual client.

An e-commerce website with unclear or poor-quality imagery will quickly bore a visitor who will then find a more engaging web design, causing a potential sale to be lost. Brick Media produce photographs of stunning quality, shot in digital media with a multitude of options to allow a broad range of images to be provided, from traditional to contemporary styles. Our photographs showcase products, facilities and services at their best, adding to commercial appeal and creating visual excitement. As with the entire Brickweb experience, the emphasis is on personalised, bespoke solutions but can include fashion, still life, portrait, architecture, location and event photography. Cutting edge technology also allows our highly-trained and experienced staff to produce striking Panoramic Virtual Tours and detailed 360° product photographs, allowing a potential customer to fully examine their intended purchase. Offering this service to customers makes them aware that the business is fully confident in its products and can be bought from without worry. For images that require a little something extra, Brick Media offer a full image manipulation, digital retouching and cut-out service.

As well as this comprehensive photography service, videography and animation are on offer as part of the extensive range of Brickweb e-commerce systems. Moving images quickly grab a viewers attention and animations can range from subtle menu interactions to fully-realised, speaking characters. Using a video to display a product in action is also a fantastic way to encourage customer confidence, allowing them to see that the company cares about how its products are used and wants its customers to obtain complete satisfaction. Showing such courtesies to customers leads to company loyalty which is an invaluable aspect of increasing revenue. Examples of this type of work can be viewed in the 'Media Production' section of our website, along with several photographs.

Media Production is just one of the many services Brickweb expertly provide. For more information on our array of internet solutions, to arrange a free, no-obligation quote or to obtain a review of your current e-commerce strategy, please contact our dedicated team on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email

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