Don't forget about the other search engines

Although Google is by far the major search engine you shouldn’t forget the other search engines. Bing is certainly one to watch right now. So make sure that your site is performing well on other search engines such as Bing....

Bing’s search market share is on the increase. If/when the recent deal between Microsoft and Yahoo goes through Bing will take over from Yahoo who’s search volume is in decline right now.

Bing places great emphasis on the quality of links in determining rankings just like Google. Don’t just think that one surge in link building is all that is required. Successful link building should be a consistent and ongoing part of your overall Internet Marketing strategy. You need to make this a regular part of your “donkey work”.


1. Don’t have a massive effort in link-building in a short period of time. Do this a little a lot so that your site is seen to be growing consistently.

2. Don’t go for poor quality links such as sites/­blogs/­forums that have little relevance to your site’s focus.

3. Don’t be sneaky and hide links on your page.

4. Don’t think you can take the easy route by using link farms or sites that promise you hundreds of instant inbound links for a fee.

5. Don’t just link to anyone that comes along, quality is really important. These “web spamming” sites are regularly deleted from the listings and you don’t want to be associated with these “black hat” sites.


1.    Work on your site consistently and regularly. Develop your Brand.

2.    Take more time and find relevant forums, review websites and blogs and make sure you are straight up and honest when posting information there.

3.    Publish good quality press releases with solid information.

4.    Publish “expert” articles to directories.

5.    Join quality forums, be upfront about who you are and what you do. Refer these postings back to your site if relevant.

6.    Make sure you make full use of your social network sites and ensure you inter-link.

7.    Tell people in your newsletter when you have new content (Brick website systems do this automatically).

Okay, so there’s nothing mind blowing here, just the re-enforcement that quality Internet Marketing can’t be done at the push of a button, as in real life... the secret to success is consistent, quality work and honest motives.

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