Domain Name Auction: A Significant Event

Thousands of pounds have been spent by many internet investors in exchange for domain names which feature just one or two letters within them. In total twelve single lettered UK domain names went to auction and on average they each fetched around £39000.

Including the two letter domain names a total of 2831 web addresses were sold and the money raised, £3million was donated to the Nominet Trust. This is an independent charity which promotes internet access, safety and education.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t seem to have a spare £39000 knocking around to purchase a domain name! However, the buyers were a combination of businesses which wanted to promote their brands as well as a number of individuals who simply wanted to either build a business out of a unique domain name or better still actually sell the name on for profit.

When thinking about web design a domain name has to also be thought about extremely carefully; it isn’t as easy as just pulling one out of a hat. Brick technology can advise any business or company who is thinking about going online about how to choose an effective domain name and on top of this we offer business starter websites to help you make the right impression online.

Brick technology has a business Facebook page but believe it or not Facebook was one of the notable buyers who bought Further to this and into the world of fashion H & M purchased and Mercedes-Benz purchased

There was a bit of a squabble when Google was outbid for the rights to by Any-Web! This is a company which collects, builds and resells domain names are currently believed to be the biggest spender within the auction although no details have been released on how much they actually paid for

A highly significant auction which featured some of the most treasured internet real estate people have said that an event like this probably won’t happen again.

However, following the auction a number of the purchased domain names were almost instantly sold on. The prices of these are unknown but has already changed hands three times!

But it wasn’t just as easy as purchasing the name; already there has been numerous of legal issues raised and a trademark owner is actually threatening to take a recent buyer to court. An exciting event in the internet world; if you are looking for web design, internet marketing or any media production services then the only domain name you need to know is https://­www.­brickweb.­co.­uk!

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