Do you need our content manager?

  • Little or no HTML training needed. Depending on your CMS, your writers might need to learn only a few basic tags, or none at all. Many CMSs provide a text editing window that looks just like a PC word processor, so anyone who can write with Microsoft Word can now write a Web page.
  • Mass content updates. Anyone whose gone through the throes of product name changes or a new marketing message knows how many places you need to change manually to pull it off. Content management systems usually provide the ability for mass changes to content, and, even better, you can design your content so that repeated elements are stored in just one place, so you have just one place to change when the time comes. While there are HTML editors and techniques such as "includes" that let you do some of these things without a CMS, content management systems make it far easier.
  • Mass optimisation. Because the bulk of your HTML is in the Brickweb CMS system, rather than the content, you can make search optimisation changes far more easily that affect all your pages at once.
  • Multiple authors. Brick websites provide the ability for multiple content authors to work on the same pages without stepping on each others' toes. You can also secure the content so that only certain people can update certain content areas.
  • Automated publishing. We customise your process so that things you need to do every time such as get the owner's approval or update your site map happen automatically.­With a little expertise, you can even automate some nice search functions, such as keyword density checking or title checking. Your input form can ask your writer what search keywords the article should be found under, and can then check to see if those keywords are used in the title and throughout the body in the right proportion.
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