Do NOT miss our Google Workshop!

Brick technology web design speaks to our clients on a regular basis and through these conversations there seems to be a common thread:

“Google is treating my website unfairly; other websites which are less qualitative are being ranked higher than mine”

If this is you then you need to NOT miss our Google Workshop on Wednesday 14th December 2011 at 2pm. Book your place today as already many of our clients are taking advantage of this workshop in order to get the respect they deserve from Google.

Places are booking up extremely fast so if you want to attend then please do not leave it last minute. Google may well be treating you unfairly because you could actually be doing something wrong which you are not realising and this is affecting how Google index and rank you.

This workshop will be extremely informative and will cover the following:

  • Introduction/­Welcome to the workshop, cup of tea or coffee!
  • Explanation of Google Algorithms: Panda & Fresh or Caffeine 2.0 as it is known
  • Reasons why you will not rank highly such as “Keyword Stuffing” and being blacklisted
  • Keyword stuffing in content
  • How can you rank highly and what can you do to stabilise a top position once achieved
  • How page titles and image descriptions can help with search engine ranking
  • Humanised content

If you want respect from Google then demand it! Come to one of our workshops today and take control of your website and your search engine rankings.

Call Hayley on 01254 277190 to book your place or email

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