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Display Ads, Google and Its Predictions for the Future

Long gone are the days where you can click onto a website and not have any advertisements shunted in your face for relevant subjects that you may be interested in according to the site your visiting.

Websites have now for a while seen the high margin display advertising and rich media ads, however more typically today they are including interactive animations and more elements such as video and audio. But what is next for online display ads?

Surely, it would be natural to expect that they can only grow in development and technicalities. The effort to create one will be heightened but the rewards of them could be far greater.

We take a look at Google, the search engine daddy! When you search in Google for whatever you may find yourself needing information for, you type the relevant search topic in the search field, click and your results are loaded. For example searching for weight loss, yes I am met by my search results sites but then also I am met by ads, people and companies who pay to take their spot positioned so perfectly!

Google have caught onto this idea, I mean they have been making billions out of this anyway but they look to the future and how to evolveand if there is going to be a place for them concer­nin­gdisplay ads then they are going to have to be more attention grabbing and more personal to get anyone to pay attention. They are going to have to have a need for richer ads which still get the content across but do it in a more personalised way, a more interactive way involving more multimedia.

Google want to take on Facebook and Yahoo who are the market leaders alongside a few others however, Google is hot on their heels! Their battle plan is to totally re-design their ad services, updating them and keeping them up to date. This will be done through their Google Display Network – trying to make messages stick in front of potential customers at times when they are most likely to take note.

Google further went on to comment on a blog posting, "display advertising is about to go through the biggest and most important revolution in its history." A bold thing to say, however with times changing everything needs to change around it in order to keep up! Another prediction in 2015 by Google, all the ads that are online now, half of them will end up including video but they go on further to state that advertisers who chose to use these videos will only pay for these on a cost-per-view basis. So if they are not clicked on then there is no cost.

This idea of it only costing per click on the video itself, video is being currently tested by Google in the format of video in ads. This is being done on YouTube and is possibly going to go live in 2011. It is named TrueView and will give the user a more personalised experience where they have the ability to skip an ad or even choose multiple ads for them to look at.

It is an exciting concept and there have been some sensible predictions made concerning the future of display ads. Ideas that could really transform the way we see view and are influenced when it comes to advertising online. Only time will tell how in depth and complex ads really will become.

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