Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Many businesses as part of their web design choose to have a customer testimonial page or a guestbook as it is sometimes known. This is a place where customers or website visitors can come along usually after dealing with the business, purchasing a product or service and they leave their comments on their experience.

Similarly more and more businesses now are choosing to report back on projects they have carried out, products or services they have sold through case studies. These lay out the customer requirement usually and how their business was able to help.

Now although many people and businesses are choosing to have customer testimonial pages and case studies or portfolios on their websites what is the actual point in them?

Content... now before you switch off because it is something we always go on about to our clients at Brick technology web design this isn’t the main focus of this article.

Although customer testimonials and case studies on a website are a great way of keeping content on a website up to date the real reasoning as to why customer testimonials and case studies are used it to help a business or company look more credible. Further to this it helps your business to look trustworthy by associating yourself with customers, website visitors and their real thoughts and actions.

It is so well proven that if someone just simply approached us and said come to us for a web design they are professional and will rank you number one for your keywords and phrases. The chances are that you are going to believe them are pretty slim. However, if the same person was to approach you with the same proposition but then back it up with a folder full of their customers and real life examples of it working then you are going to believe them. You believe them because it adds credibility.

This emphasises why customer testimonials and case studies are so important. There is no point though in having these pages in place as part of your web design if you are going to leave them blank and not encourage people to leave a message or comment.

They say the best form of marketing and advertising is through word of mouth and referrals. Therefore providing real life stories about how your products or services have helped or benefitted someone could prove to be highly effective.

Take it from us testimonials work and so do case studies. The one problem we often come across is that our clients do not want to give away information regarding people they have supplied in case another company then targets them. However, you do not have the name them you can simply say we supplied “X” within the “Y” industry with... and then name the product or service and how it helped them.

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