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Away with the fairies?

It would seem that we are constantly up against a blank page when it comes to getting clients to communicate to us new and exciting things which are going on within their businesses. You, the client comes to sit down and gather together the information but for some reason there is no linking between the hands and the keyboard. So this is a little piece of advice to help you understand what is required.

Yes you have a business and no, you are not just sat about twiddling your thumbs! We know that, you know that but people visiting your website do they know that when they stare at your blank or patchy news page? The answer your looking for is no! There may well be the odd article on but usually there is nothing or a story which dates back months and it is not good enough - you should strive for better and this article is going to tell you how.

So is it really that since then you have done nothing? Maybe you have but it is more likely to suggest that in reality you either haven't had the time to update the news page or for some reason your feeling like there is not anything exciting going on.

The hard hitting reality is that when search engines bring up your site such as Google they look for when it was last updated and if it keeps coming back visiting your site to find that oh, it hasn't had an update in a month then it will be energy efficient and maybe set itself to come back within a month.

One visit every month?That is the question you need to ask yourself.There is absolutely no point in having a brilliant website if it is just sat there dormant! In comparison if a search engine such as Google brings up your site and can see there is a updated page every day or every other day then your really doing well and the search engine will keep comming back logging the new pages ultimately making you number one in the results line up.

This is why it is so important! At Brick the websites we create are full of brilliant features that are so user friendly but yet these features are going to waste because of the lack of content. Features such as the newsletter templates which, can be so easily manipulated and sent out at such ease.

Firstly, get a blank page! I know it may be a little scary but type out things that are going on. For example at this particular time with it being Christmas one of the most effective article is about your Christmas opening times. So type them out onto the page, this is your first news story.

Another idea for what to write about is any new products you may have got in stock. They may not be all that exciting to you but these are more exciting than people going into your news to find a blank page! It can be as simple as making notes such as:

New product in stock – a teapot made out of porcelain

Comes in 5 colours red blue green yellow pink and black

Then expand on your notes just as if you were having a conversation with someone! It really is that easy and there is nothing to worry about at all! You can do it - what you need to do is just not read all that much into it because it is simple! From the above notes about a new teapot - not exactly the most exciting thing in the world! But, it makes a news story which in turn keeps your page looking fresh! You can have something which will read as follows just from setting yourself some notes to focus on:

Cup of Tea? Teapot added to our stock!

Here at (Business name) we were delighted this week to have added a new product to our steadily growing range. We are pleased to announce the arrival of a stunning teapot!.

Made from the finest of porcelain it is guaranteed to last and be durable whilst retaining heat and making sure that every cup of tea really is the best!

It currently comes in five colours so there really is a teapot in a colour to suit you! Whether it is bold red bound to make a statement or a much cooler blue colour your after. Maybe the yellow one is for you to make that day a little brighter, or black for those who like it kept plain. Pink for those who are feeling a bit feminine and finally green for those who well, just simply might like the colour green!

Whatever the taste in colour, make sure that you get the best tasting brew! We now have this item in stock and we are selling it at £5.99!

Let it take its place in your home this Christmas!

It really is that easy! Get the content, check it through carefully. Then possibly attach and image if this is the format of your site and make it visible and it really is that simple! So allow yourself half an hour to try and write at least three new stories on your news feed per week - ultimately aiming for a new one every single day!

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