Christmas is coming!

Brick customers, it's time to get ready for Christmas 2010. Should you need help with your own plan to get ready, please contact Claire Smalley on 01254 277190 and let's get together to formulate your strategy.

Our marketing theme for September will be all about preparing for the big e-commerce rush.

Our in-house workshop this month will cover subjects such as; gift vouchers and certificates, gift wrapping, holiday delivery and how to decorate your website.

1. Advertise
Without advertising then customers will not know about your ecommerce website, as more and more of us are looking to buy online then they need to know what you can offer them, if you are already doing some search engine optimisation have you considered your Pay per click strategy?

2. Special Offers
Add some special offers, customers love to feel that they are getting a special deal when they are shopping online, offer some discounted products on the home page o your ecommerce website.

3. Email Marketing / Promotions
Use your Brick newsletter system to promote the Christmas period to your existing customers, roll-out a marketing campaign to inform them about the offers and holiday ideas that you have on your site you can even use a discount / promo code to offer special discounts to early buyers.

More tips to follow.

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