Can you Afford NOT to Invest in your Website?

Can you Afford NOT to Invest in your Website?

A contemporary, perfectly-functioning website is absolutely essential to the success of any modern business. This may seem like a patently obvious fact but, judging by the amount of e-commerce companies neglecting to invest in their online presence, it's a fact that bears repeating.

Your website is THE most important tool to generate sales. Just as a mechanic wouldn't use rusty tools to fix a vehicle and an artist would not use a damaged brush to paint a masterpiece, you simply CANNOT expect to showcase your company's products, services and solutions effectively with a sub-par website.

Google, that undisputed and unchallenged giant of the search engines, advocates a proven 4-step approach to maximising ROI (return on investment) when it comes to e-commerce websites.

  1. DRIVE traffic to the site through activities like website promotions and search-based advertising
  2. ANALYSE that traffic in order to understand where your website visitors come from and what they do when they get there
  3. OPTIMISE the site by using the analysis from the above step, noting which combinations of site design and content create the maximum number of conversions
  4. CONVERT more customers and reduce bounce rates with the data you gather from the above steps. Use search to guide your visitors to the information they want, which will encourage them to become active customers

The fourth step is the most challenging and strongly depends on the quality of your website and how it performs in web searches. The results and conclusions of many studies have proved this salient fact, such as:<

  • Visitors spend, on average, only eight seconds before deciding whether or not they will remain on that website (Marketing Sherpa’s 'Landing Page Handbook')
  • When attempts to navigate a site fail, 50% of users turn to search (Jupiter Media Matrix)
  • In a study of 2,000 shoppers, 71% relied on keyword searched to find the products and services they wanted (eTailing Group)
  • When customers have made a purchase online, 90% of them reported using site search to access content (Harris Interactive)

To help you discover just how much ROI you could receive by working with Brickweb, we have created a detailed investment and returns calculator tool which you can access for free on our website. Simply input a few details about your current situation and let us do the maths. Try it today!

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