Broken old record... Fresh content!

Brick have been telling our clients for several years to publish fresh unique content on a regular basis..­ now Google has finally "fessed up". As we've been advising you,­ from now on any duplicate content found will be marked down... Keep your content fresh and keep it coming! All the black arts in the world can't beat great, fresh and relevant content... it gets you to the long-tailed searcher and if it's good enough people will naturally link to it. So don't just copy and paste, be original, be relevant, be informative... zillions of users are hungry for the good stuff! Don't forget to check your own webpages either, just in case you've inadvertantly copied someone elses words... (not that you would ;) ).. Brick clients, attend our monthly workshops to see how you can increase your visitors and conversions without the need for jiggery pokery... there are no dark arts... just fresh, unique and compelling content at the heart of your websites. Contact us for a no-obligation review of your web presence. Regards, Ken Clarke Brick Marketing Director. 01254 277190

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