Brick| Web Design takes a look at e-commerce

What is e-commerce?

This is where an electronic system such as the internet and various other computer networks is used for the buying and selling of products and services, it is something which is growing in popularity. This is probably due to there being an increase in internet marketing which targets an audience and entices them into the world of online shopping. The internet marketing is done through lots of different ways, however promotions, discounts and free gifts when you buy online is one of the many popular choices this Christmas season.

Record sales were seen online this holiday season 2010. The last full week before Christmas day, which ended the 17th December had colossal sales of over £580million ultimately making it the heaviest spending week to date.

One of the many explanations behind the record sales this year is that shoppers could expect free delivery with some online retailers as they manage to give sales of their various products and services one last final push.

The free shipping when combined with the snow and ice conditions enticed people in deterring them away from travelling down into their local town to shop. They would rather sit at home, spend a few hours on the computer and have their gifts, products and services then delivered straight to their door!

£3.32 billion was the final figure of sales for ecommerce in the last full week before Christmas, which was a 14% rise on the figure this time last year. However, with the popularity of online shopping increasing it was only reasonable to suggest that in turn sales, e-commerce would.

With these astounding figures it would seem that now has never been a better time to start thinking about having a reliable e-commerce website for your business!

Whether you are as big as the giants like Amazon or as small as your local hair salon selling a few bottles of hairspray! Brick Technology can create you a website specifically to your needs that is reliable, concise and easily adaptable so as your business changes your site reflects it!

If it is that you are just simply thinking about an e-commerce website make sure you know the planning that is involved, although we will be on hand to help you every step of the way! 

Our web design team, are dedicated to going the extra mile, we strive to be the best and hopefully that reflects within our e-commerce completed projects. With online 24 hour support service available you never need to panic about something going wrong. 

For us there is no room for second best, we always aim for number 1 spot on Google search results and we can help with the basics to the most complicated of things.

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For an instant website with a difference, one which you can effectively manage on your own why not give a thought to Brick Technology and see what we can do for you.

Contact us and we will be happy to speak to you in regard to designing, managing and maintaining your website.

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