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The rise in the use of smartphones and tablets has been responsible for an increase in in-store conversion rates, according to new research carried out by major corporate financier and online strategist Deloitte Digital. Currently, around 6% of retail purchases made in-store are influenced by the use of smartphones, representing over £15bn in sales. This figure is predicted to rise to between £35bn and £43bn by 2016.

The research shows that almost 50% of smartphone owners in the UK have recently used it to research information about products either before or during their visit to a store. Further figures revealed that 74% of shoppers who had visited a mobile website or app had then made a purchase from a particular retailer; when compared to the 66% who did not make a purchase, it is clear that investing in mobile apps and websites in essential to the modern retailer.

Commenting on the results of the research, the Deloitte UK Head of Retail Ian Geddes said, “Consumers are researching products using the smartphone, browsing items in-store and then often completing the transaction at home on a laptop or tablet.  Shoppers expect to be able to interact seamlessly with a retailer across all of these channels.”

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