Brick + Google = Perfect Partners

Brick + Google = Perfect Partners

Brick Technology is proud to have achieved the status of being a Google Partner. The Google Partners programme is designed for advertising agencies, online consultants and digital marketing companies who are responsible for managing Google Ads accounts: becoming a Google Partner requires that the company demonstrates excellent working practices and a strong knowledge of how to use Google Ads most effectively for their clients.

Qualifying to be a Google Partner allows Brick Technology to display the Google Partner badge. This trusted symbol proves that we have successfully demonstrated both basic and advanced skills and expertise with using Google Ads in a proficient and professional manner. It also shows that we have passed rigorous assessments and earned certifications through Academy for Ads.

The Google Partner badge demonstrates that Brick Technology has met the spending requirements for Google Ads, as well as delivering revenue growth for both our own company and those of our clients. Company speci­ali­sations, which display specific product expertise, can be earned by companies which meet all necessary requirements and that have been granted Google Partner status.

Being a Google Partner also means that Brick Technology is better connected with the Google brand as a whole. We enjoy access to additional training, events and offers, which allow us to further improve and develop our knowledge; these benefits translate directly into a better, more informed and more successful service for our clients.

Brick Technology use an array of different methods to ensure that our clients consistently enjoy high placement in search results, resulting in increased traffic, retention, conversion and revenue. Google Ads is just one of these methods. To find out more about how we can propel your ecommerce website into those coveted top spots, please get in touch with our team today. To receive news, updates, features and much more, please subscribe to our regular newsletter.

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