Another New Brick Technology Site - Botanical Group Services

Our client portfolio continues to expand as we welcome Botanical Group Services to Brick Technology. The company is in a phase of expanding and, after much research and deliberation, have chosen us to represent their unique services in a classy, intuitive and contemporary way online, driving visitors to the site and engaging them immediately upon their arrival, regardless of which device is used for access.

Botanical Group Services, commonly known simply as 'Botanical', is a horticultural business offering a range of services from grounds maintenance to plant displays and winter facilities such as snow-clearing. Established since 1993, Botanical have gained success in the crowded marketplace by focusing sharply on providing a service that, in the company's own words, goes 'above and beyond' and is guaranteed to 'knock your socks off'! Botanical endeavour to respond to the individual needs of each client they work with, delivering a reliable bespoke service that includes state-of-the-art geo-stamp technology.

In line with Botanical's dedication to providing the most modern, up-to-date service to their diverse range of clients, the company has decided to invest in a brand-new responsive website. The growing number of online shoppers using mobiles or tablets to access services online demand such responsiveness, allowing them to view and navigate a website optimally. As internet users are now so discerning, websites that are not responsive are suffering greatly due to visitors abandoning the site in favour of another that offers a seamless experience.

As well as offering an optimal experience to visitors, the new Botanical website designed and built by our highly-skilled team allows for accurate behind-the-scenes website management, including detailed visitor analysis, one-click stock reports and the ability to quickly and easily add, edit or remove content. These tools allow the business to operate much more efficiently, representing massive savings in time and money thanks to improved productivity levels.

Please visit http://­botani­cal­gro­up­ser­vices.­co.­uk/ to experience the new Botanical site for yourself. If you think that your e-commerce business could benefit from such an attractive, modern and intuitive site, contact Brick Technology today on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email to book your free, no-obligation consultation with our professional web development team.

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